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“You don’t have to be gay to be a supporter. You just have to be human.” - Daniel Radcliffe

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  • Slowly phase out an unhealthy habit. Do you drink two cans of soda per day? Try drinking just one. After a week, try drinking one every other day, then once per week, then once per month.
  • Begin introducing new habits. Do you know when is the best time to eat fruit? First thing in the morning. Why? It will kick start your metabolism as your body only takes half an hour to digest it. So try eating an apple or a grapefruit first thing each day!
  • Keep at it. I said habit, right? Well habits take awhile to form. So keep eating right, exercising, and working toward your goals each day. If you fall off the wagon, get back on. It’s that simple.
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i’m actually doing this now!! i’ve weaned myself from two to one can of soda this week, and i actually feel so much better!

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Conceited vs. Confidence


  • “I look better than you.”
  • “I’m the most beautiful person in the world.”
  • “No one can compare to me.”
  • “You should look more like me.”
  • “I’m perfect.”


  • “I look good today.”
  • “I’m not ugly.”
  • “I like myself.”
  • “Have to admit, I am cute.”
  • “I’m beautiful the way I am.”

Just some examples of the difference between being conceited and being confident. Get those things straight.

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People often have the misconception that they need to compensate for their binges. However, that can actually be dangerous. Just follow these simple steps to recovery!

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Why you should NEVER lift in running shoes or sneakers.

It throws your center of balance off terribly when performing any kind of major lift such as squats, cleans or standing presses. You’re just asking for a rolled ankle or some other sort of injury from using improper footwear.

Always use a shoe with a minimal, flat sole. I prefer lifting in a pair of Chucks by Converse or the Power Perfect II shoes from Adidas. You can even go with something like Vibrams or, as many do, just go barefoot. Unfortunately, most gyms aren’t okay with you lifting barefoot, so just stick to the recommended footwear I’ve provided here.

As always, lift heavy and lift smart.

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Admire, Aspire then Acquire on We Heart It.

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